Plagiarism Checking Methods in correct way

Plagiarism Checker
Plagiarism Checker

What is the meaning of Plagiarism?

The definition of plagiarism is when you are using someone’s idea or words without crediting the particular source and pass it as your own.

As a web developer/Content writer etc. we have to check the plagiarism deeply. In this article I wish to talk about 5 types of Plagiarism you might encounter. Although they differ in severity.

Verbatim Plagiarism

This is also known as copy and paste Plagiarism, as its name suggests, is when you directly copy and paste text from a source without citing author. If you want to use an original post same word, then you need to quote the original source by putting the original source in quotation marks and including an in-text citation. Refer below example

Verbatim Plagiarism

Patchwork Plagiarism

Imagine a patchwork, you take different pieces of cloth and make it into a whole. That’s exactly what patchwork, or, mosaic plagiarism is. You copy phrases and ideas from difference sources and put them together to create a new text. In order to piece the different text together nicely, this kind of plagiarism often includes some paraphrasing, it also requires a little more effort than the rest.

Paraphrasing Plagiarism

This is the most common type of plagiarism, so pay extra attention. Its completely ok to paraphrase, but just because you rewrote it in your own words, doesn’t make the idea yours. So remember to give credit and cite the original source.

Global Plagiarism

This is when you take someone else’s work entirely and use it as your own. That includes if you find a text online and submit it as your own work, but also of you get someone to write your essay for you, like her. This is one of the most serious types of plagiarism, as it involves deliberately and directly lying about the authorship of a work.


You can also commit plagiarism by reusing work you’ve previously submitted. This is called as self-Plagiarism. So, no turning in a paper you’ve already submitted for another class, or recycling ideas developed from previous assignment. Just because it’s your own work, it still counts as academic dishonesty because you’ve already gotten credit for the work.

How to avoid plagiarism

Now you know what is plagiarism is, you also know the different type of plagiarism as well as the consequences. Let’s discuss 3 easy steps to avoid plagiarism.

Keep track of your sources

Sometimes we just simply forget where an idea is from. We get it. So due to this reason keeping track of the sources you used along your research is a great way to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. So its recommended to compiling a list of citations as you are taking notes. This method help you to easily go back and check where you found a phrase od idea to use.

Keep track of your sources

Quote and paraphrase

If you want to share an idea or a piece of information from a source, you must either paraphrase or quote the original text. To quote a text, enclose the quote in double quotation marks, and include an in-text or footnote citation according to the citation style you’re using.

Quote and paraphrase

To paraphrase, you need to use your own words to explain an idea. You also need to include either an in-text citation or footnote citation.

Quote and paraphrase

Use a Plagiarism Checker

Using a plagiarism checker, it will help you to detect accidental plagiarism and understand plagiarism better, this way, you can make sure its plagiarism free. Also, when you browsing plagiarism checkers be care full of free checkers as they often only compare your text to works on the internet.

Let’s talk about few Plagiarism Checkers?

There are so many free and paid plagiarism checkers online. Now I’m going to talk about few checkers that you can get good result.


Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker

This is free checker, but you have to sign up for an account to use this platform. This allows you to scan 10 free per month. If you have more than 10 pages this platform is not good for you this will help for beginners.

Also, if you are going to check short papers this is the one of best platform as this gives you detailed information about where plagiarism is detected.  Let see some of the key features where copyleaks stands out

  • Multi Language Capability
  • Compare two files
  •  Multi file formats
  • Download and share reports

Copyleaks also have Paid version that gives you 1200 pages per year for as low as $9.16 per month. If you need more you can customize the package as you wish with extra cost.


Quetext Plagiarism Checker

This also one of best plagiarism check that we can get superb result.  This also have free version for all the users who sign up. But for free version you can check only 2500 words or 5 pages per month. But some are using multiple accounts and breaking their paper into set of paper in to set of 5 pages and they can utilize the limit.

However, you can get a pro version of Quetext for $10 per month and you can increase your limit for 200 pages. Quetex have some key features.

  • Color Grade Feedback – This feature is all about color coding detections are color-coded based on their similarities to the original content. It makes easier for you to recognize the errors.
Quetext Plagiarism Checker
  • Interactive Snippy text –  Text viewer is so interactive and allows you to compare your content to the match side by side and it help you to edit so easy.
Quetext Plagiarism Checker
  • Deep Search technology

The quetext algorithm has very fast recognition and accurate  this type of technology accurately checks context and word placement to provide analytical perspective. This helps you to put yourself in the readers position. In this platform it has missing feature than other checking tools. Its uploading a document. Also you cant enter URL for a web-based document either.

Paper Rater

This is the only tool that gives sufficient in its free version  

PaperRater Plagiarism Checker

This platform allows you to upload your files and copy and paste your text on their site. The platform then present you with questions about your submissions before they run a check. They also asking the grade level of your paper. Specially this platform check all the grammar errors and word choice suggestions. Also it includes spell checker and its easy to edit your text without leaving the platform.


It also comes with an automated proofreader that analyzes real content submitted by other source of the same level. Below are the main other features this platform has

  • Vocabulary words usage
  • Readability Scores
  • Sentence length
  • Passive voice detector

In this platform free version allows you to heck 5 pages per submission and up to 50 submissions per month.


Grammarly mostly use to check grammar errors and spelling errors. But in this platform, you can also check the plagiarism and this feature is allowed in paid version only. However, their database is extremely vast since they have access to the content on over 16 billion websites. You can get Grammarly for $12 per month.

There are few special key features

  • Writing enhancement suggestions


This is the longest standing checker in the market. You can check for 10000 pages in one go with their batch search. To use this platform, you have to pay as below

  • Copysentry standard package $4.95/month for up to 10 pages plus $0.25 per additional page
  • Copysentry professional package $19.95/month for up to 10 pages plus $1.00 per additional page

The best feature of this platform is that prevent self-plagiarism by building your own index of the content. So it can check for repetition or duplication


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