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Here you will learn what tools can be used to find keywords and their traffic. If you search google for list of research tools you will see that google offers you about 200 options in this market. All them have different characteristics of the amounts and sources of information given as well as different changes. The question is which one of the suggested SEOs do you really need and it is necessary to spend a thousand dollars a month or are there other solutions reduce cost in this situation.

In this article we offer you 10 useful and free solutions for researching keyword tools and each of them have duties to research for specific keywords and we not underestimate them compared to the options with heavy prices.   

01 Google ads Keyword planner (add link to go gakp)

Keyword Planner – Google

Google ads keyword planner is best Keyword research tool that decide on which keyword in search engine can be a more appropriate target for seo and click-through advertising. When should we use keyword planner for some keywords a little bit can make it typically logical and simple in a high click keyword. Obviously too expensive praises can make you win in your site traffic. So before searching in any search engine, it is necessary that separate your keywords and clickable words in your page. Clearly the best place to get great information in the same keyword planner in google ads.

Steps how to use this Keyword research tools,

Step: 1 Click on this link :

Step: 2 Click on “go to keyword planner”

Keyword Planner – Google

Step: 3 Then click on “discover new keywords”

Keyword Planner – Google

Step: 4 then type necessary keywords that related with your page and click on “get started”

Keyword Planner – Google

Step: 5

Add filter options: you can filter according to the Keyword, competition, ad impression share…etc. These tools can be use for free if you have not paid google ads yet and the analysis limits your search compared to normal search volume.

Keyword Planner – Google

02 Rank tracker tool (add link

This Keyword research tool use to find a comprehensive list of keywords and related SEO analytics.

Rank Tracker

When we use SEO tracker tool the best SEO keyword is not always the most expected one in the same area to find the keyword with high value. You need to search among other available options multiplied by information sources. And here exactly where the need to track the rank and 23 different type of keyword research in this case is clearly seen. Offers from google, bing, yahoo and amazon plan keyword in the google advertising platform and google search console action access to all databases in which your competitors are ranked. Long term keywords that can make readers have questions, common spelling mistakes and substitutions and ect.

Rank Tracker

Using paid version have richer features in this regard. But free versions are available for useful keywords at your request and allow you to research and analyze traffic potentials.  

03 Ubersuggest keyword research tool

This works so well is that it’s design to work through Google’s suggest feature using the same algorithms that google itself uses to suggest keywords. So the weights design makes this really powerful tool incredibly easy for even the biggest SEO newbies to master in just minutes.

Uber Suggest

You can type main keyword phrase that you think you want to be find for and also your language and country then click on search to get start and you’ll notice the first thing that’s asking you to is to register for free and sign or sign in. so it is absolutely free, So you don’t have to put on any credit card information. We highly recommend you do this because, it’s gonna give you way more suggestions.

Uber Suggest

Then click on “keyword overview” under “keyword analyzer”, Then you can see the result of that searched keyword, “Computer hardware. We have a search volume of around a 12000 searchers a month which is pretty good, SEO difficulty of 73 is not good that rate should be between 36-50 and cost per click is $2.19 that’s not gonna be important if you are doing keyword research for organic listings.

But I always like to look at the cost per click because if it’s too low that generally tells me that no one’s really either looking for that phrase or there is no buyer intent behind phrase. Keep in mind ever a cost per click is really high while that’s not ideal on the surface of it does tell you that it’s high for a reason  that it’s actually generating income for the companies.

Then click on “ View all keyword ideas”  

Uber Suggest

4 Using Answer the public site (add link

Answer the Public

This is also a best keyword research tool to find practical and popular questions for answers and optimize voice searchers. When do we use answer the public with this feature of google searchers have a better understanding of a topic as a question than by presenting the topic as a phrase or words and this trend can be even more popular with voice search.

In keyword search tools one of the main aspects to success in voice search in content implementation in a way that gives a complete answer to the user’s question in your text and page plus content questions are more likely to answer users, Reasonably named zero position. the fastest and easiest way to find answers to questions in your business is to use the answer the public site which work by combining your keywords with questions such as who,what,why..etc.

With your questions the prepositions is add to your keywords combining these prepositions with your keywords. You’re always offer other keywords, your keywords versus other keywords answer the public is a free site.

Answer the Public

05. Google Trends

This keyword research tool choose to improve your local business. When should we use google trends tool? It has been proven that people in different parts of the world search the internet with different patterns. And more interestingly the way of searching from one nationality to another is different. Google gives you permission to use search engines based on your geography. Just search for the same keyword with two different positions to see the difference between searchers. Another less important factor is the use of keywords based on the season keyword can be use more or less in a particular season. Google trends is completely free       

Google Trends Keyword Research Tool

We have give you knowledge about 5 keyword search tools in SEO that are easily accessible. Whatever your goal whatever your business is good SEO can put you on the right track. So you need to make the most out of the keyword search tools to ensure your SEO  

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