Domain name search for your Website

Domain Name Search

You will learn what is a domain name, web host, and good domain name search for your website.

Before domain name search

Picking a name is one of the foundational building blocks for a successful website. That’s why it’s necessary to understand what a domain name is, and how domains work. So let’s get started.

A domain name is what you will type into the browser, in order to visit a specific website. Essentially, it’s the site’s address, since it’s where the site lives on the web. For that reason all domains also belong to something called a domain name system DNS. A vast network administered by the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers – ICann simply put – the DNS is a network of servers located around the world, that operates an enormous address book – without the DNS you would have to memorize internet protocol addresses for each website

In other words, if you want to visit Facebook, you might have to enter something like instead of How do the DNS turn numbers into much easier to remember domain names? Well, when you enter a domain name into your web browser, you’re dialing up the IP address of this site’s server. The DNS uses those numbers to map out and find the desired site. To get your site online you are required to have a domain name, also known as a website address, and a web host. There are two main places you can purchase domain names.

In this Case,

There are some standalone domain name registrars, companies that only sell domains. However, you can also buy a domain through any web hosting provider. This is often the best option since it means your hosting and domain will live in the same place, and therefore be easier to manage.

Finding a web host that fits your needs means looking for a few telltale features. Usually, a solid hosting package will give you some bonuses beyond just storing your site’s data. Here at NameCheap for example, that support ultimate traffic to your website.

Keep in your mind before domain name search

Next, you’ve got to research your prospective domain name. at the very least, you’ll want to choose a domain name to reflect the nature of your website or business. After all your domain is the perfect chance for you to advertise your brand. At a glance, it should offer prospective visitors an idea for the kind of site they’ll find, and possibly even your site’s style and tone. With that in mind, you might want to consider using a tool called google keyword planner. That will help you identify keywords that give you a competitive edge while still being sufficiently popular and easy to remember. You can also use a domain name generator.

With this kind of tool, you can brainstorm ideas related to your site’s audience and primary focus. Keep your domain name short, simple, and easy to remember. A confusing domain name can drive visitors away, while a well-considered choice can help you build traffic much faster. Once you have few domain names in mind, it’s time to find out what’s actually available. After all, there are millions of websites online, and each one needs a unique address, so many prospective names are already taken. Fortunately, it’s easy to search for available names. Any register or web host that offers domains will provide you with a tool that lets you enter the desired domain and check availability. 

Domain name search using tools

1st Step:

Choose a keyword, which matches your website

Example: let’s say your website is related to photography, you can choose that as your keyword, So as I want to create a website related to technology I have selected my keyword as “techy”, So once you have selected your keyword and then type

Domain Name Search

Now enter the keyword which you have selected in this box, So I have entered “techy” which is my keyword and then click search,

Domain Name Search

Now as soon as you click search you will find all domain names, which are available, with your keyword. Now all of these are .com domains so have a look at these domains and see if there is a name you like, So let’s say you like “facetechy” domain name then click on it

Domain Name Search

You can see that still available, now as soon as you find a good domain name which is available, make sure buy this name immediately.
So buy this domain name all you have to do this is click this link
Then enter your selected domain name and search,

Domain Name Search

Then add to cart for buy the domain name

Domain Name Search

If you have not found any good domain name from you can use our next method to domain name search ,

2nd Method of Domain Name Search

So in this method instead of using 1 keyword, we are going to use multiple keywords to find your domain name.
Click this link

Domain Name search

Now think of all the keywords which you want to use in your domain and then enter them in 1st box. So I have 3 keywords which I want to use in my domain, So let’s enter them one by one.
Enter the 1st keyword and add

Domain Name Search

Then all the other keywords in the same way

Now once you’ve added all the keywords you want bust a name will show you all the names which are available with your keywords

Domain Name Search

Now if you want to add more keywords keep your cursor “2nd list of words” as follows
It will show you more words which are related to your keyword

Domain Name Search

Now if you want you can add these keywords to your keyword list select a keyword and click on it. I selected “fresh” and added it

So once you add your keywords the tool will combine all the keywords and find a domain name which is available, So once you find a name you like you can buy that name by clicking this link
This is how you can find a good domain name, for your website.

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